About us

Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems ESER TEKNİK SOĞUTMA was established in 2012 to provide its customers with the highest quality service at the lowest costs, with 19 years of experience in the industrial cooling systems sector. In our company, ice machine, hygienic water cooling devices, chiller water cooling devices are produced and cold storage installation and assembly are carried out in every capacity and working conditions in line with the wishes of our customers.

Our company follows the technology every day in line with the needs of the sector and applies all the innovations to our machines  and helps our customers with the fastest and most accurate service by employing the cooling systems maintenance and repair service personnel with its expert staff. ESER TENİK SOĞUTMA aims to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level with its quality and service. ESER TEKNİK SOĞUTMA, which applies a flexible production system for every customer demand, can easily meet special customer requirements with this method.